zText users make payments through text or social media messages.

Buyers send texts to a seller’s zText phone number to make payments with ordinary text messages.

How zText works

Quick sign up

Buyers message a product or event name to a seller’s zText number and then follow a link to complete their first transaction. After their first purchase is complete buyers won’t need to follow a link again and complete transactions with texts or Facebook messages. zText users send messages and communicate with the zText chatbot to confirm payments.

Sellers promote to their audience

Sellers promote what they’re selling to their customers and instruct them to message the product or event name to their zText phone number or Facebook page to make a purchase.

Sellers can initiate transactions

Sellers can send text messages to their customers asking if they want to complete a purchase and buyers can simply respond to confirm and complete the transaction.

Facebook Integration

Get paid through FaceBook messages. zText allows users to monetize their FaceBook page and accept payments through FaceBook messages.

Facebook Integration

Sellers can link their FaceBook pages and get paid when their followers send messages to their page.

Followers of a FaceBook page see the seller’s page when they promote something for sale and the page followers are instructed to send a message to the FaceBook page including the name of a product or event to make a purchase.

Quick secure payments are processed when a buyer confirms a purchase by sending a message.

There is no app to download zText processes transactions within text and social media messages!
Sellers upload their items for sale to their zText account and then promote what they’re selling to their customers. Sellers instruct buyers to text the name of what they want to purchase to the seller’s unique zText number.
A buyer sends a text saying what they want to buy to a seller’s zText number and the zText chatbot handles the transaction on behalf of the seller who is only responsible for fulfilling the order.